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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Train Like an Athlete / Train Like A Warrior


Just because you're not an athlete does not mean you can't train like one.  Does this mean you should work yourself until you vomit?  Does this mean you should walk out of the gym doubled over in pain?  Does this mean you should be sore for a week after a workout?

The answer for the most part is no but there is a little yes.  Let's go over the NO first.
Working out like an athlete does not mean always exhausting yourself beyond belief.  It means giving your all within your workout.  It means not just going through the motions.  It means having a purpose and a plan to your exercise.  When you walk out of the gym you want to feel a sense of accomplishment.  You want to feel that what you did in the gym will make the rest of your day a breeze.  Don't be satisfied with, "well I went to the gym today and did my usual routine". The two key words that I don't like here are USUAL and ROUTINE.   The people that do the usual routine are also the ones who are upset that they are not getting results.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.

It's time to step it up.  Athletes train with intensity and purpose.  Their strength and conditioning programs are designed for them to perform better on the field of play. "But I don't play sports.  I'm too old.  I have a bad knee.  I'm tired.  My dog ate my sneakers."  REALLY?  As a trainer I've heard just about every excuse to not train hard with intensity and purpose like an athlete.  It's time to train for your field of play: LIFE!

I know some of the excuses are legitimate like an injury, but there is always a way to train like an athlete even with an injury.  I'm not saying do 100 Jumping Jacks on a bad ankle.  I'm not saying do 50 pushups with a bad shoulder.  I'm saying find a different way to get the same intensity as those exercises.  If you are not sure how don't be afraid to ask.

 Now let's go back to the questions I asked in the beginning.  Should you workout until you vomit?  Should you leave in pain?  Should you be sore for a week?  The way I will answer this is you never know how far you can go until you've gone a little too far.  That's a crazy statement.  What do I mean?  You need to, every so often, test your limits.  You need to come way out of your comfort zone and push.  When you're done pushing then push a little more.  As Zach Even-Esh says "Get comfortable being uncomfortable".  I have brought myself to the uncomfortable place of nausea. I've felt sore for days.  Your body sometimes needs this.  It needs to be abused a bit.  Don't go to the point of injury or hospitalization. You just need to get a little WARRIOR in your training.  I'm not saying every time you workout. Sometimes you should do it!  Your system will thank you in the long run if you give it a little shock.

The bottom line is, if you really want to change your body, get out of your USUAL ROUTINE.  Have a plan.  Have a purpose.  Stay focused.  Stay intense.  Stay safe.  If you don't know exactly how to change your workout life feel free to ask me. The choice is yours.  You can train like an athlete or you can go through the motions.  You have the ability to keep your workouts as intense as possible.  Maybe you just need someone to show you the way.

Know your limits but never limit yourself.
Get Strong. Stay Strong. FINISH STRONG.
Train Like An Athlete.
Train Like A Warrior.