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Friday, December 3, 2010

Legs. Do em!

If you're not training your legs you have a problem. It's like building a house without a solid foundation. If you do weight training for your legs you'll gain overall strength and power. You'll burn more fat because the legs are such a big muscle group. They require a lot of energy to work. "But I don't want huge thighs", she says. Then train them the right way and, oh yeah, don't stuff yourself when you're done. Resist the urge to eat a lot. Doing legs will increase your appetite a bit because they are such a big muscle group. Have a small protien shake when your done.
So don't forget to do your legs! Build a strong foundation!


  1. When should one do high weight/low reps vs.low weight/high reps?

  2. Thanks for reading Cynthia. That is often the question. What goal are you trying to achieve?