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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


How do you find motivation?  Obliviously you were motivated enough to go to the gym.  What motivated you to go?  Was it your spouse?  Was it your sister or your brother?  Maybe your parents make you go to the gym?  Maybe it’s for your children?  Maybe you only go because the doctor told you to workout to lower your cholesterol or your blood pressure, rehab an injury, or just your improve your overall health?

The reasons you have to be in the gym are enough to get you there.  Now it is time to get motivated to make the difference.  Now it is time to get motivated for yourself because you want to change your life.  You want to be healthy and fit.  You want to live, breathe, and move easier.

Everyone has a different reason to be in the gym.  What’s my motivation?  I want to be strong and healthy for my family.  A little over a year ago a beautiful little baby girl came into my life and I really want to be around as long as possible to see her grow into a beautiful woman. I also want to be as strong as possible to scare off those boyfriends she brings over.  But this isn’t my only motivation.  I want to be as strong and healthy as I can be for me and for any challenge that may lie ahead.  I have recently found that if I train for an event like the recent Tough Mudder, my overall fitness level will rise.    If I can conquer and endure the physical workouts I put myself through to do the event, I can accomplish anything.

Maybe you’re only motivated to get to the gym but once you’re there you aren’t motivated to do anything but be on the treadmill.  That is ok because it might be a big step, but is it really changing your life?  If you motivation to get on the treadmill is to lower your cholesterol or you blood pressure is it really working?  Are things changing?  Do you need more motivation?

I want you to list your motivations and look at them.  Look at them everyday.  Take some time and assess yourself.  Are you making the changes you want for the reasons you want?  Hopefully on your list is that you want to change your life for you.  You want to be the best you can be for you.  Maybe you need a tangible goal like a 5K or a marathon.  If you’re training for an event your overall health will improve.  You’ll get healthy.  You’ll train hard the right way.  You’ll be around a long time to see your family.  You’ll move better, breathe easier, and feel like you can take on the world.

Bottom line:  Find what motivates you to be the best you can be.  Work hard the right way to get what you want.  The rest will fall into place.

Know your limits but never limit yourself.
Keep Focused.  Be Humble. Stay Hungry.
Train Like An Athlete.
Train Like A Warrior.

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