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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Workout

Here's a workout I did with my client Lori at 8am @ NJ Gym Fitness Zone this morning.

5 different kinds of push ups for 10 reps each:
Offset hands
Hand Tap

5 different kinds of pull ups for 10 reps:
Offset hands
Close grip
Chin up

Rope Undulation with battling ropes: 1 min work 30 seconds rest 4x
Do each undulation 15sec right to the next:
Alternating Waves, Circles, Snakes, Wide Waves Together

Undulations Holding a Plank:
Hold a high plank on the floor.  Hold rope in one hand and undulate 15sec then switch hands.
Use Waves, Circles, and Snakes.

Rope Explosion:
Use same work to rest patter with Jumping Jacks holding the rope - alternating waves with squat jumps - Burpees hold the rope - grapplers throws walking in and out.

Finish with Tire-d Yet?
Do each for 30 seconds right to the next:
Hit tire with sledgehammer over head  - Burpee tire flips - hop overs - switch foot - deadlift tire - hop on top

Let me know how you do.  Ask questions if you have them.  Enjoy your Sunday!

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