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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Upper Body with just Bodyweight

Today I want to take you through an upper body program using body weight.  Hopefully you have access to some kind of pull up bar. I will also use a rope about 1 1/2" thick 30 feet long.  Not that easy to sub for the rope, but if you can find a park swing you can perform the suspended supine pull ups by hanging below the swing.  Pull up bars can usually be found in a park as well.  Just get out and deal with the cold! 

Here we go:
Perform as a circuit
Push Ups 10-12
Pull Ups 10-12
Bear Crawl 15 feet
Crab Walk Back
30 secoonds rest.  Repeat cycle 4x

Incline Push Ups (feet elevated) 10-12
Supine Rope Rows (holding doubled up rope while laying back face up) 10-12
Spider walk 15 feet
Inchworm back
30 seconds rest.  Repeat Circuit 4x

Wall Walk 10-15 feet (feet on wall.  Change direction each time)
Supine Rope Climb 10x (lay back holding single rope and hand over hand climb to your feet then lower yourself back down)
30 seconds rest.  Repeat Circuit 4x

If you have access to a weight sled, tie a battling rope to it.  Undulate righ hand 15 seconds. Switch to left 15 seconds.  Pull sled hand over hand towards you.  Grab the sled and drag it back to starting point.  Spider walk or bear crawl back to rope starting position. Rest 30 seconds repeat 4x!

If you have questions please ask.  You might not have some of the equiptment.  Each excercise can be modified to fit your situation.  Have fun!

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