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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finish Strong

Almost a year ago I started training my client Dave and his wife and son.  One of his goals was to do a mud run and eventually the Tough Mudder.  He just accomplished goal one a few weekends ago at the MaGuire Air-force Base Beast of The East Mud Run.

Dave trained hard for months.  When he started there was no way at that point he could physically handle the event.  Dave new his goal and had a desire to achieve it.  He worked hard and never lost sight of what he desired.

Having never done any kind of running event, let alone an mud obstacle course, Dave did an awesome job.  He finished the entire 10K obstacle course and he Finished STRONG!  That's what it's all about.  Setting your goal.  Seeing your goal.  Have a Desire, not just a want, to achieve your goal.  Then once you get it set a new one.    Go through he process again.  The only thing that stops any one form getting what they want is themselves.  

Dave knows how to get things done.  He has figured out the formula and it can be applied to anything. He now has the Desire to do a Tough Mudder and I know he will.

I am very proud of him as well as my other clients to take on challenges and FINISH STRONG!  He now  has the Desire to do a Tough Mudder and I know he will.

Have faith my friends and Stay Hungry, Keep Focused, Be Humble.

Keep Moving Forward


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