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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maybe you're just a little off

Before I summarize this video let me tell you about the room I'm shooting in. It's our home office/Fitty Craft room. My wife Karen makes AMAZING scrap books and other artistic creations. To the right of me on the board is her to do list for a 60+ page scrap book she was working on for a customer in Virginia. Check out her stuff at Over my right shoulder is a clue to what my big announcement will be. I guess it's not much of a secret now but you still don't know the topic. The weird things flying around are either chalk dust from the chalk board painted wall or spirit orbs. Anyway............

Here's my video summary:
Maybe you think your life is way out of whack. Maybe it's not at all. Maybe you're just a little off. In life, lifting and a lot of other things you need to stay in alignment to be able to keep being successful. If you're going for new PRs and you hit a plateau, check your form. Maybe you're just a little off. What was working for lesser lifts might have been enough to get by even if you were a little off. Now you're going for an even bigger PR and it's not working.

What do you do to fix it? Get a spotter. Get a coach. You might not know you're a little bit off and the outside perspective can see the little course correction that needs to be made. Same is true in your life. If you've been successful and now you are not get someone outside to take a look at what you are doing. Course correct before you get to far. It can always be corrected, but do it before it takes all your energy to get back in line. A little fraction off now can take you far off course 10 years from now.

Just like Christopher Reed said in his Olympic Lifting Seminar:

I'm pretty sure I didn't come up with this concept. I might have picked up this knowledge from Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Elliot Hulse, or Dave Tate. The list can continue but bottom line is I don't want to take credit for the information. I just want to share it.

I am continually coarse correcting. I am not perfect. I'm just sharing what I am doing in hopes that it may help you.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll!!!!!

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