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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Everyone has excuses.  Everyone has tons of reasons to not do things they probably need to be doing.  Even if there is something you like to do you might, for whatever reason, find a reason to not do it.  Hey, I'm human.  I understand.  I could write a book filled with excuses that I've heard and said.  Excuses we all use to avoid doing (fill in the blank _____________).  I could write a book of excuses with excuses on why I didn't write a book of excuses.

Well today it ends.  Together we will fight excuses.  I'm going to take on your excuses for not starting your fitness training program.  I'm am taking on the challenge of eliminating your excuses.  Well, I'm at least going to look at them, and your day, and find the time for you to get it done. 

I believe that in everyone's day there are moments to get the stuff done that you do not want to get done.  This could take a tiny bit of sacrifice.  It doesn't necessarily have to.  It only takes a bit of time management. 

Here is how I'm will help you.  Here is your chance to have the time found for you. 

This is all you have to do. 

1) You must be signed up for the PPRJ Info Society.

2)  You must reply to either the first email you receive back after signing up or if you are already signed up you will reply to the last email received.  Your reply must list your EXCUSES for why you haven't started a fitness program, an example time table of your day, and your fitness goals.  I know day to day might be different but try to give me a typical day from wake up to sleepy time.

3) Deadline Friday 12/2/11 @ 8pm but don't put this off!!!

Here is what I will do. 

FIRST 10 PEOPLE to reply will get my suggestions on where to place your training program in your typical day.  You will also get a video with exercises that could be used in the time frame I am able suggest.

The next 10 PEOPLE after to reply will get only the suggestions on where to place your training program in your typical day. 

I would love to help everyone as much as possible but I'm limiting this to 20 people who really want help. If you want it then sign up quick.   I want people to reply that are tired of EXCUSES.  I want people who are SERIOUS!!!!!

 If you're not serious and just want free info that you're not going to use don't waste other people's time!!!!! 

If I'm coming off fired up I am.  I'm tired of EXCUSES.  I'm not going to waste time anymore.  I'm passionate about what I do and I want you to be passionate about the information I bring to you.

Serious people sign up in the top right hand corner box with the dumbbell and reply.  If you're signing up for the first time you will already be getting a free exercise video.


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Rock n Roll



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