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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PPRJ Wednesday Weekly Warrior 11/9/11

Each week I like to acknowledge 1 person, who I have trained, who has been working hard. They have been TLAW! This weeks PPRJ WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WARRIOR is someone who hasn't been training with me for very long. In the short time I have worked with her she has shown nothing but drive, determination, and a STRONG DESIRE to succeed. She trains hard during our sessions as well as on her own. I see her sprinting, not jogging, on the treadmill. I see her jumping on the box she was afraid of 2 weeks ago.

I know she has little ones at home and she sets a great example for them. I'm sure she is already their hero but this gives them something even more to look to her for. She is now showing them how to be fit. They will see Mom getting STRONG and they will follow her to a lifetime of fitness.

Not only does she work hard at being fit and STRONG, she helps me to grow PPRJ. She is not alone in helping me to grow PPRJ. I believe her and others do this because they get it. They know what I and PPRJ is all about. It's not just fitness. It's building a team, a family, a community of people who want to be successful and care about the success of others.

I thank you for all you do.
Who is it? Just out with it already!
This weeks WEDNESDAY WEEKLY WARRIOR is Chrissie N!

Thank you!


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