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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanks for the inspiration.

This post is a little different.  I want to take this time to thank some people.  I am a huge supporter of military, police, fireman, and all those that sacrifice so much for our freedom.  I will always thank them.  But in this post I would like to thank some people that get over looked.  They have a huge impact on our lives.  I would like to thank the teachers and educators I've had in my life.  I feel they are not thanked enough.  They work countless hours to not only educate us with skills, but to inspire us.

I know that there are some bad teachers.  I'm talking about the great ones.  I don't necessarily mean the ones that teach their subject the best.  I'm talking abut the ones that had an impact on your life.

Think back to the teachers who's names you remember for good reasons.  They are the ones that had an impact on your life.

Those of you who know me know I'm a drummer.  Music is a huge passion of mine.  I started playing in 5th grade and I remember Mr. Tobias.  From there I studied privately with Dave Johnson.  Going on to middle school I had Mr. Connery and Mr. Balog.  Then high school it was Mark Pultorak who taught the drumline and of course Karl and Thom Rechtenwald were my band directors.

These are names I remember because they were great educators and also gave me inspiration to stay passionate about music and life.

There were other great teachers who weren't music related.  I remember Mr. Shaltis, my middle school phys-ed teacher.  He saw me one day at lunch putting back my milk.  He pulled me aside because he thought I was stealing the milk.  I told him I was putting it back because I didn't want to waste it.  He understood.  Even though I did nothing wrong I felt that if I was stealing it I would have let him down.  I would have been upset if I thought I let him down. That's how you know that a teacher has an impact on your life.  You don't want to let them down.

There were others along the way and even today.  So many continue to make an impact on my life.  I wanted to take this post to thank them.  Please do the same.  It doesn't even have to be a teacher in a formal setting.  Just thank those who've taught you something in skill and life.  Thank those that have inspired you to be the best you can be.  Thank those who you want to make proud.  And parents thank the teachers for inspiring your children.  

If you know any of the teachers I've mentioned please help me find them or pass this on.  They've helped to make me who I am today and who I will be tomorrow.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Rock n Roll

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