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Friday, December 30, 2011

DECIDE to TRAIN. Don't make weak resolutions.

It will be a new year in a few days.  Some of you will make a New Year's resolution.  You probably will not stick with it.

Instead of making a resolution make a decision!

If your resolution is to workout more, go to the gym more, join a gym etc blah blah blah, you probably won't.  You will probably join a gym where the price is 19.99 or 9.99 and they have a cardio theatre where you can watch a movie while you're riding the bike. 

With the price as it is you will be OK with not going a day, a week, a month, a year.  You'll say "well it's only $20".  The gym won't care where you are either because they have your $20.

Instead of wasting your money and not getting results, you should invest in a place where you will get a program.  Invest in a place that will guide you to your goals while you're in an environment of people like you and people that have been through what your challenges are.  Invest in a place where you become part of the community, village, tribe, family! 

There are places like this out there.  If you can't find one and are in a globo gym get with a quality trainer.  You will know they are quality because they will make you part of their family. They will help you not only in the gym but out by bringing you together with other people going through the same challenges. 

Bottom line is don't make a resolution.  MAKE A DECISION TO CHANGE YOU LIFE! And don't settle for what you are being sold with all the fancy bells and whistles.  The only bells you should hear are the ones that ring to let you now it's time to TRAIN!!!!

Check out the Training Room.   This is a place exactly like what I'm talking about. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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