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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Triple W 12/28/11

It is Wednesday again.  Warrior time!  This week the Triple W goes to a guy who only has been with me for a short time.  He, like the other winners, works his tail off every session.  He NEVER complains.  He does the work and is getting the results!  His wife trains with a trainer as well.  It is great when family can share in the work of getting fit and strong.  I think they should challenge each other to an event.  Congrats Brian Z for this weeks Wednesday Weekly Warrior. 

BTW T-Shirts will be on sale by the weekend.  If you want to can let me know if your interested and your size on facebook. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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  1. I am very honored to have been chosen this week. I have a strong belief that things happen for a reason and that good things happen to people that do good. Back on that first day I met Daryl, I knew that we were supposed to meet. Not only did we seem to have a lot in common, like our birthday, the middle/first name we don't use, but also the biggest thing was our core values and the reason we do what we do: our family. There are days that I leave a training session pissed, not pissed at Daryl, but pissed that I let myself get out of shape. These are the days that I appreciate Daryl and what he does the most. She doesn't know him yet, but my daughter Jayla (5 mos) owes Daryl a big thank you for taking the time to push me, both mentally and physically. For this Daryl, i share The Triple W honor with you. Thank you!