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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Triple W Dec 14, 2011

It is Wednesday once again. That means it's time for the Wednesday Weekly Warrior. 
This week it again goes to a man (ladies better step it up, ha) who has been training with me for almost a year.  He has done a lot of hard work and has deserved this for a while. I have been holding off to see how much harder he would work.

Dave started out training with me with many goals.  He has already accomplished many of them including running a 5k and a mud run.  He also inspires his family by training with them and pushing them along.  He also is a great role model for his 2 boys.  That's huge!  Family is very important.

Even when I was done shooting the video , he was the camera man, he told me he will do better.

DAVE, you're doing awesome. Most people would be satisfied.  You are not most people.  You are what TLAW is all about.  Keep attacking everyday!!!!  Keep inspiring!!!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong
Rock n Roll

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