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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Warm up!

You might have seen a few Facebook posts I have posted about warming up before training.  You probably saw that I wrote that walking on the treadmill isn't a proper warm up unless you are training by walking on the treadmill.
  (2 things wrong with this pic.  Treadmill warm up and team Yankees! I won't say what baseball team I root for.  )If you are going to do any type of weight training or intense training you really should be loosening your joints and getting your body ready for action.  If you choose not to you run the risk of longer recovery time or, even worse, injury.

Using joint mobility exercises and a warm up that will warm up your total body would be best before you jump on those heavy squats, bench, or deadlift.  Even if you are just going for a run it is beneficial to get your joints loose and your blood flowing. 

Here is an example of some joint mobility and warm up I like to do before I train.  I like to use some exercises I learned at The Training Room and from Zach Even-Esh as well as other various sources.

Here is a post by fellow Underground Strength Coach Christopher Lopez about proper warm up.

Warm up my friends!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong. 
Finish Strong.
Warm up!
Rock n Roll

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