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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let It Go!

Hope you are all moving forward.

I hope you are all enjoying life.

I hope you are all not letting stupid people and the stupid things they do get in your way of happiness.

I was bothered the other day by something a good friend of mine posted on facebook.

Here is what he posted.  "I was in a really good mood.... Then I went out... WTF is wrong with people today? Everyone is a douchebag out there.. It's hard to stay positive,,
F**k it, I hate you all."

Maybe I should stop using facebook so I don't see this, but then again where would I be inspired to write?

Look, I don't know the story.  I don't know what happened on this day. 

I do know that this person is better than this.  I know people are D bags but why should that ruin your day? 

Did those people harm your family?

Did they take your kids?

Did they kick your dog?

Look, we all have bad days but put it in perspective. 

If this was the worst day of your life then you are having a pretty damn good life. 

I can think of many days I have had worse. 

It can always be worse.

When these things happen ask yourself "Am I still breathing? Are my loved ones still breathing?  Will my family and I be able to have a meal today?  Will I be sleeping inside a house or inside a box tonight?  Will I get a good workout in this week?" (that one is for me)

Bottom line is keep your head up.  Don't let other people, that are meaningless to you in the long run, ruin your life!  Time is too short to worry about those things.

As Zac Brown says "Keep your heart above your head an you eyes wide open. So this world can't find a way to leave you cold.  You're not the only ship out on the ocean.  Save your strength for things that you can change.  Forget the ones you can't. YOU GOTTA LET IT GO!"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who wants to FINISH STRONG?

I have just created a program that will help you INCINERATE FAT! 

It is 10 workouts that will finish off your session and make you FINISH STRONG.

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That's right!

You only need you body so these workouts can be done anywhere!

Do them at home.

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It doesn't matter as long as you do them.

Just remember that without a good NUTRITION plan you will not get Maximum result.

Here is a sample HOW TO!


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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I know Mother's Day isn't until Sunday but I wanted to make sure this blog got out there for as many people to read. 

I first want to wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day.  You all do so much for your families and it is very much appreciated.  I know it is very hard to do all the things you do.  There is a lot of stress that comes with being a parent and as I have seen it never ends no matter how old your children get.

I know my wife is an awesome Mom.  Our daughter is a great kid and will be an awesome Mom (a very very very long time from now) because of her.

Moms can't do all the work on their own.  Us Dads, me, need to recognize when they need more help.  Also Dads, ME, are not very swift on the pick up because we, ME, are trying to pull things together out of the house to make things better.  It wouldn't hurt if we are asked for help.

I vow to do better and recognize when more help is needed.  A Warrior is nothing without his Warrior Princess.


I would now like to take this time to say Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom ever.  My Mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer 8 years ago.  I miss her everyday.  It has hit me harder than ever this past couple of weeks.  I don't know why. When she first past I was upset but saw her suffer and new she was in a better place. I cried only a few times. The worst was at the funeral when they took the casket out of the church. I guess that was reality.

This past week has been extra tough.  I keep remembering back to the morning I came home from a gig in Boston and her and my Dad (best Dad ever) told me she was terminal. My Mom apologized to me for dieing.  She said "I'm sorry". 

This has stuck with me.  It wasn't her fault.  She didn't do anything to get ovarian cancer.  Shit fucking happens.  And she said sorry.

HEY MOM IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!  You were an AWESOME MOM.  I wouldn't exchange you for anyone.  If I had a choice to have a Mom that was still alive and have you for the time I did I'd choose you.  You taught me so much.  Please know that.

We all miss you every day.  Thanks for being my Mom! 

Some of you knew her but many of you didn't.  The following is a video I put together to remember her.  You'll see some pictures of me and my family over the years.  The song I chose is by my band Bonehead.  It is called Real.  Our singer/ songwriter Jayy Mannon I'm sure didn't intend for this song to be used for this but I feel the chorus fits.  It  goes "Hurts me love to let you go.  All these feeling overflow.  Words can't say how I feel.  The love inside of me is real." 

Please watch.

Happy Mother's Day!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today's Challenge Exercise for Myself

Today I decided to challenge myself.  I did an exercise I far too often neglect.  It is the Turkish Get Up.  I used a weight I haven't used for this exercise before.

This is great for your entire body.  You can do them as a warm up or where ever you feel you want them in your program.  I did these at the end.  I started with 24kg, then 26kg, then 28kg, then here is the 36kg. 

I need to work on the heavier set.  My left is weak. 

Good times!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just because you're not in school doesn't mean you should stop learning.  If you have a job where you just go in and push a button then come home and watch TV chances are you probably aren't very happy.  I know I wouldn't be.  Even if I was making a ton of coin doing so.  I'd want to better myself. 

The great thing is you don't even have to go to school to do so.

There is this amazing system that you are reading this on right now.  It is called the Internet.  There are so many good sites you can go to to learn from.  Even if it is just a hobby you should learn as much as you can.  You need to stay sharp!

Let's not forget about those other contraptions with printed words on the inside.  That's right.  Books!  You can even get the books on your mobile device if you don't want to go the old school paper way. 

Why am I, a trainer / strength coach, writing about learning? 

Because if we as a people don't continue to learn and grow we will perish.  If only a few people educate themselves then they will have the power.  This doesn't mean they will use this power for evil but I'm not going to take the chance.  I will continue to learn about fitness so I can be the best coach I can be.  I will continue to learn about my business so I can grow financially and continue to take care of my family. I will continue to learn about my spirit so I can be strong during hard times.  I will continue to learn about the world so my voice will be audible.

I urge you all to continue educating yourselves so you can continue your pursuit of being the strongest person you can be.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here is a great lower body finisher.

You can also do this for a quick workout.

It can be done this with just one Kettlebell or do what I did with a Barbell and a Kettlebell.

If you choose just the Kettlebell you can do rack or goblet squats.

Here is the protocol.

Start with 10 Squats then go to 1 KB Swing.

Ladder down on the Squats going to 9 and up on the Swings going to 2.

Complete until you do 1 Squat and 10 Swings.

Record your time on this and see how fast (with proper form) you can finish.

Have fun and let me know how you do.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll


Sunday, April 22, 2012

If you are going to train with a partner............

Why not make it your most important partner?  Today I not only trained my wife but I trained with her. We had a great time.  I used a challenge workout that I have used with my other clients the past few weeks.  It was the same one I did with Rebekah over at 

Here is what we did.

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Air Squats
30 Mt Climbers (both legs = 1 rep)
20 Bicycle Crunches (both legs = 1 rep)
10 Burpees or Squat Thrust (She did Squat Thrusts)

I recommend beginners do at least 1 to 2 rounds.
Intermediate 3-5 rounds.
Advanced go for 5.

Do this As Fast As Possible and record your time.

I was very proud of her.  She completed 3 rounds in 18 min.  The we found out the camera didn't record and we decided to do an extra round for your viewing pleasure.  So as you watch this keep in mind she already did three and I completed five rounds in 18:17.

Give it a try and let me know how you did.

Thanks you Karen and Roo for training with Daddy!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The real reason the girl doesn't dig you!

  I recently saw a facebook post that inspired this video.  I am tired of seeing people complain that this person or that person doesn't like them because they don't have "abs or a cute face"  or whatever else.

In this video I tell you the real reason the girl isn't diggin you. 

This message can be applied to everything in your life. You don't need the abs (Although as a fitness professional you I recommend for you to be healthy) or that thing you built up in your mind to hold you back.

Just watch.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I have been able to bring back the Warrior Award.  This is a forst on Warrior Award History.  Please enjoy the entire video.  Special thanks to Mike Noble.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Are A Leader

A client texted me this recently.  She said she saw it and thought of me.  Her action shows me that what I am saying is reaching people.  They are starting to see things maybe in a different way.  People are starting to believe in themselves.  What's even more important is that people are becoming leaders.

I try to do my best everyday to lead from the front.  What I write to you in email, facebook, or on this blog I am trying to live.  I see examples now all the time of how you all are leading as well.  You may not even see it.  Just by receiving that message in a text shows me that she is a leader.  She saw it and shared it. Maybe she only shared it with me but she probably somehow knew I would spread the post.

I train a lot of people who are leaders.  Many of them are parents.  They not only lead their kids, they lead other kids as well.  They start making good choices to change their lives and it is seen by the younger generation.  They exhibit confidence in knowing it is never too late to go after what you want.  When young kids learn this the better off they will be later in life.  They can then begin to lead.

There is another kind of leader emerging in my classes.  I like to call them the team leader.  What I love is that it is never the same person.  It is cool how one person may be struggling with the session and another will help by giving them some words of confidence.  That same person may struggle the next time then be helped by someone else. 
Team Leadership.

Each and every person has been a leader in one way or another.  There are some will take the lead and it will be apparent.  Others will lead by example with there choices and keeping their integrity.  You might not even realize but at some point today you will be a leader. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong. Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is probably because you are making it difficult. It is probably because you are doing too much. It is probably because you are doing too many things.  It is probably because you are impatient. 

Have you tried a fitness program or a diet program only to see yourself fail?  Then you try the next one only to see yourself fail again?


Did you really give it time to work?  Did you have the patience to see it through? 

Maybe things got too busy in your life to go to the gym.  Maybe your dvd got scrathed and you couldn't do level 2.  Maybe you were almost done that dvd program and then you saw the next big dvd program and went crazy for that one.   

Let's talk about all the diets you have been on.  Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarien, All Fat, No Fat, Beans n Franks, ICE CREAM!!!  Some have worked and some didn't. Whats next?

I see so many people making things so complicated.  It even applies to the busniness world.  Do I use twitter or facebook or myspace (does this still exist) or linkedin or youtube or (enter media marketing site here)_______?

The thing is we have so many choices out there.  I can see how things can get complicated.  People try so many things but they tend not to stick with one.  It is probably because some search for the quick fix.

Don't get me wrong, it is great to have things to choose from.  If we only had one choice it would be boring and only a few people would have a chance to be successful.  With all the choices out there I try to remember the KISS method. 


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Just keep it simple.  After all, being successful at anything is a simple equation but it is not easy.  Find a simple method and stick with it.  If you desire to get results enough, and you are passionate about it, you will stick it out.  If the simple method isn't working after you have fully assesed the situation then try a different method.

There are many systems out there that will help you to get your results.  For example, you can find many methods to increase your strength in the gym.  If you pick one for a few days then go to another then another and you're not getting results it is becuase you haven't let the method and program have enough time to work.  Most of these methods are simple.  Don't complicate them by changing it up in the middle. 

Here it is ladies and gentlemen:
1) Keep It Simple.
2) Stay patient and see it through.
3) Fully evaluate results.
4) Change your program or make adjustments as needed.
5) If you need to change KISS it again.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll 

Friday, March 16, 2012


What are you training for?

Is it weight loss?

Is it fat loss?

Is it to get bigger, faster, stronger?

Do you have a specific goal or is it just to get in shape?

Do you know what in shape is?

Do you see yourself getting there?

Are you getting results?

Do you have a vision of how you will feel and look when you get there?

Have you thought about these things?

Do you have a plan?

This is why most people fail.  They join a gym and say "I want to lose weight and get tone", but they don't have a plan.  Or they say "I have a plan but I just need you to show me the machines".  This indicates to me that they think they have a plan but need a lot more direction.

In order to succeed in getting fit you need specific goals.  Saying you want to lose weight and tone doesn't really have much meaning.  If you say you want to lose 40lbs and have a body fat that is 18% now you have a target. Now you have something that is measurable. 

Setting these numbers now gives you something to shoot for.  While it is important to have a specific weight loss target, if that is your goal, it is just as if not more important to set a physical goal.  What I mean by this is enter an event.  It can be a 5k, a 1/2 marathon, a bike tour, or a mud run.  These goals are something that will give you immediate feed back.  You will know how well you did with a finishing time and how you feel after.

When you have done one event you should not stop there.  Now you must use your results and train to get better.  While you are training for your event you will see that the weight loss and other goals will start to come along.

Training only won't get you there.  Here is the big thing that is usually left out of the plan by many people.  NUTRITION!!!!  You must properly fuel your body in order for any training program to work.  Eating the right foods at the right time will make all the difference in your results. 
So make sure you set both body changing goals and physically challenging goals.  Plan out properly the way to achieve them.  If you don't know how or where to start, find a fitness professional that can put together a program that will work for you. 

If you have questions about training please email me.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have a simple equation that will lead to success.  There are a few different theories on success. I have read several books on the subject and what I have put together is simple but that doesn't mean it is easy.  Here is the equation.

Vision + Belief + Hard(SMART) work = SUCCESS

Again simple but not easy. So let's break it down.

You must see clearly your end goal.  No matter what you are trying to be successful at, if you can not see it clearly becoming reality, then your chances of achieving success diminish.  If you don't see yourself ever hitting the ball you will never hit the ball.

When you visualize your goal you need to believe it will happen. You have to believe it so strongly that you feel like you already accomplished your goal.  You have to believe so strongly that when people tell you that you can't accomplish your goal it will not deter you from continuing to get after it.  You have to believe so strongly that when you get rejected, fall off the horse, or fail at your attempts you get up and keep moving forward.
Hard(SMART) Work:
This is Hard(SMART)work because you can work your a off, but if you are doing the wrong things 1,000,000 times it won't help you. Make sure what you are doing is the most efficient way to get you to your goal. Use a support system of people who are successful for help. You should work your ass off but don't waste time when it is not necessary.  Time is a commodity that you can never get back.  Learn from failures and allow people to help you adjust along the way. You might be a little off.
This is what it all adds up to. Once you have achieved your success keep doing the things that got you there and don't let it go.  Also here is the most important thing.  While you want to stay focused on the goal, you should find time to enjoy yourself.  Make time to enjoy your family.  Make time to live, laugh, and love.  This is why working smart is important as well.  Proper use of time will allow you to make time for life.  After all, it should be the driving force behind your success.
Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you spend your day at a desk?

Do you ever really get a chance to stand up for over your 6-8 hours of work?

Are you always sitting at your computer?

If you answered yes then why would you go to the gym and sit down on this?
Or this?
Or even this?
If you are seated all day then you definitely should not go to the gym and sit on a machine.  Chances are after you leave the gym and go home you will sit on your couch and then go to bed. You would be much better off if you trained standing up. 
I know your typical globo gym will be loaded with all of this fancy equipment.  I know that it will be the first thing they show you when you walk in the door.  I know that they will set you up with someone to show you how it works. 
From there you will might be satisfied with using the equipment they showed you and soon you will get little to no results.

Why is this?
This is because you have been sitting for the majority of your day and now you are sitting again.  Stand up! 

Try this.
Or this.
                                                                              Or this.
My point is don't train by doing exercises that will put you in a position your were in all day.  I understand that you may have a injury that limits your movement and that's why you are on the machine but even in those cases you may be better suited standing up if you can.  If your goal is to lose weight and get stronger so you can live a longer and healthier life then you must stand.  Standing during exercise will recruit more muscles and will use more calories to get your work done. This will lead to more fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Don't rely on the machine for help.  Be the machine.  You pick up the weight.  You do he work. You get the results.


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, March 5, 2012

33 Years and counting!!

Today is the celebration of a complete 33 years of life.  I now start my 34th year and I am more excited than ever.  I have a direction and a purpose.  I have a mission.  All of you who read my blog or train with me or come in general contact with me are part of my mission. You are part of my life.  All of you who I have ever met and those who I have not met are part of my mission.  That gets me pumped! 

What is my mission?  My mission is to help people to want, no DESIRE, to be the strongest people they can be.  Some people say they want to help people be the strongest they can be.  That is not my mission.  Again, MY MISSION IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO DESIRE TO BE THE STRONGEST PEOPLE THEY CAN BE. 

If you try to make someone do something chances are they won't do it.  If you have someone that DESIRES to do something they are more likely to find a way to get it done.  I'm sure at one point or another you have tried to get someone to do something to no avail because they didn't want to do the task.  This is the difference in my mission.

I can't make people stronger.  I can't make them lose weight.  I can't make them exercise.  I can't make them better people.

The only thing I can do is show them that they have all they need to do so.  It all comes down to them making a choice.  They might not know the ways to make themselves stronger.  This I am able to show them.  I can provide the path.  I can lay out the plan.  It is their choice to go these ways if the so DESIRE. 

I don't want you to become the strongest people you can be physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I want you to DESIRE to be the strongest you can be in all of these areas and more for yourself.  Once you have the DESIRE I will help you find the way if you want help. 

This is what I DESIRE for myself.  (By the way, I am capitalizing DESIRE because I believe it is a much stronger word than want.)  I DESIRE to be the strongest all around person I can be.  This is in all aspects of my life.  Will I or any of us ever get there?  I can't answer.  That is the fun part.  That is the journey.  That is life.

In my 34th year I will continue the pursuit of, lets call it, Ultimate Strength!  Every day, every minute, every second is an opportunity to get better and stronger.  Will I have failures?  I hope so because failures are huge opportunities to learn.  Learning is a chance to get stronger. 

I welcome 33!  This journey has only begun.

Thanks for coming along!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On the Road to Perfection

I saw a facebook post ( the place where you can find things that piss you off, but also where you can find inspiration.) and it had an inspiratonal message until the last line. The last line was "don't strive for perfection, strive for progress." 

I see what they are trying to say but I don't totally agree.  To me this is saying it is OK to just progress and you really shouldn't try to be perfect.  I say that while you are trying to be perfect you will progress.  I agree we should all make progress.  Every day is a chance to get better with progressions.  I don't think the goal should to progress alone.  There needs to be a goal.  You need something to progress towards.  I lift weights to get stronger so I can progress to a heavier weight so I can break PRs and become the strongest I can be striving for my perfect lift.

As I go after this goal I make progress.  I don't understand progress for progress sake.  Ultimately you do not need to be perfect but you should strive to be the closest to it that you can.  This is where the strong surpass others.  This is where successful people become successful.  When you are just focusing on progress and not striving for perfection, the person who is will succeed before you. 

On the Road to Perfection you will find EXCELLENCE!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Simple... But It's not Easy

As a trainer I get a lot of questions everyday.  I'm happy to answer them.  It tells me that people care about themselves and others.  It is hard to ask questions because you have to admit you don't know something.  Some people feel it shows weakness.  I feel you are weak and will stay weak if you don't ask and don't learn. 

Asking a question is simple but it's not easy.

The ways we can get ourselves stronger are just this way.  Taking care of our nutrition is an important part of being healthy, getting stronger, and performing better on the field yet it is the most neglected part of the fitness equation.  You want to fuel you body with the right fuel for performance.  If you want to lose weight and burn fat you must eat properly.  People tend to complicate things with fancy diets.  The thing of it is you just need to choose the correct foods.  Don't over think it.  Just think.  Should I have the tasty cake or the apple for a quick carb snack? 

It is simple but the choice may not be easy.

The same goes for starting a fitness program.  And I emphasize program and not just joining a gym.  You've seen my rant about joining a gym before.  If you haven't the click here. But you should think about what you have been doing.  Is it getting you closer to your goal?  Are you healthier physically and mentally from your daily activities?  You should evaluate if you need help? 

Again admitting you need help is simple but it is not easy.

It takes courage to look in yourself and see your weaknesses.  It takes courage to ask for help.  It also gets more difficult the longer it goes by. 

It truly is a simple task that will make an enormous difference.  These are the times you should sweat the small stuff. 

Have courage because it is Simple but it is not Easy. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, February 20, 2012

PPRJ Warrior

It's here once again.  The PPRJ Warrior award.  If you are new to this I like to award a person who trains hard with a Warrior Award for going all out.  They bring 100% effort all the time.  The person must be a hard worker who limits their complaints to minimum.  I understand there will be some complaining during the sessions.  As long as the work gets done and the person exceeds my expectations and their own, they will be elidgible for the award.

Today I am awarding this to a person who has worked hard from day 1.  Her husband trains as well and I believe their children are involved in sports.  I know many of my clients train with family and I think that is awesome.  It is a great way to stay motivated and live long lives together.

This award goes to Nina!!  Congrats!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There needs to be a class in school to teach kids to think. I'm not talking about knowledge thinking. I'm talking about thinking for themselves and creating positives out of negatives. Where are those questions on the SAT??

I know that this stuff should probably be taught at home.  Kids should be supported by their parents and told they can be what they want.  The parent should be the number 1 fan who encourages them to be all they can.  The parent should show them how to get up when they fall.  The problem might be that no one taught the parent. 

Why can't there way to think for yourself class?  Why can't there be a class that isn't about math, science, or a foreign language?  There should be a class where they teach you about successful people and how they got there. There should be class that teaches you about people that may have come from nothing and turned it all around.  The class would inspire and motivate more kids to turn into successful adults. 

If kids are lucky enough they will have teachers that do that.  I know I had and still have teachers that inspire and motivate me.  In fact I wrote a post a few months back about it here.  Hopefully kids find that.  Unfortunately I don't think enough of them do.

Usually the kids that are in the arts classes, or sports, get some motivation and inspiration.  They might get to hear stories of artists that made it from nothing.  Or they have great coaches that will build them up.  But what about the kid that isn't in the arts program or involved with sports?  What about the kid that might be in the low level classes that might be looked upon as never amounting to anything?  That is the kid that needs the motivation and inspiration class.  Just because they might learn differently doesn't mean they can't be successful.  I know that.  You know that.  But they need to know that. 

And it is not always the kid that learns differently.  It could be the straight A student that doesn't have a direction to use all their book knowledge.  Sure they can get a high score on the SAT, but that doesn't always translate into knowing what to do with their life. 

I guess my point is that kids should start young with as much all around support as possible.  Mental training is just as important as book smarts.  When someone shows you the tool box they need to show you how to use it and enforce that you have the ability to use it.

Some people figure this stuff out.  Others will buy books and programs that show them this.  I just think that if it is shown to kids earlier it will allow them to get more excited about learning because they may see the practicality of the subjects.  They may understand more that hard work and determination can take you to your dreams. They will learn that just because they have trouble learning the way schools make them learn does not mean they won't be successful!!!

Things need to be seriously looked at and changed. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know you probably think I'm crazy but vampires exist.  I'm not talking about the blood suckers fromTrue Blood.  I'm not talking about the stupid shiny ones from Twilight.  I'm not talking about the creepy ones from 40 Day of Night.
Im talking about the Vampires that suck all your positive energy out. They are Energy Vampires.  You know these kinds.  They come over to you at work.  They tell you how much their day sucks.  They like to do this when you're probably having a great day.  Chances are they will tell you how the boss hates them or how another co worker doesn't deserve their promotion or position.  They will probably even tell you that someone said something negetive about you.

Now they have accomplished fueling their crave to suck all your positive energy and leave you like them.  They hope that you will carry on this behavior and continue sucking all the positive energy out of the world.

A big problem occurs becuase this doesn't only happen in the work place.  This happens at schools, gyms, and worse, in your homes.  You might have a family member that has been bitten by an energy vampire.  What do you do now?

In all these scenarios you must identify the vampires.  In the work place and other social formats, avoiding theses creatures is the first line of defense.  You see them coming you run.  Avoid gestures loring them to you.  If you can't and do give the nice "hello" or even head nod "what's up", then try to not let the conversation go for long.  The longer it goes the more chance the FANGS will come out and you're done for.  If you feel the teeth sinking in start talking about all the joyous things in your life.  You know you have some so share them.  Tell them about how good you day has been and how much better it is getting. The vampire will be repelled as if you pulled out some garlic or a cross.  FANGS will retract and they will retreat to the next cubicle and prey on a weaker person.

If you have a famiy member that is an energy vampire the situation is a bit more difficult.  If they are not in your imediate family, and are like a cousin or an aunt you don't see often, it is easier to avoid.  You will probably just have holidays to deal with.  For those occassions see the above solution.

As for immediate family avoiding won't always work.  You probably live with and see them everyday.  You will have to do your best to stay positive with yourself.  Energy vampires can't convert to positive humans unless they want to.  Trying to make them positive only makes them stronger and look to feed on others.  What you can do is think positve, show them positive things that are in their lives without forcing it on them, and don't get sucked in.  If you get a vampire that is relentless and will stop at nothing to turn you than getting out might have to be an option. This is especially true when the energy vampire imposes it's will violently.  Hopefully this isn't the case.  If it is than that is not a vampire it is an asshole and you must remove yourself from that situation immediatly. 

Hopefully you do not know any of the energy vampires.  If you do please head my warnings. Stay away.  If need be take out your garlic and crosses.  If it gets really serious get out your UV rays or just stay in the sunshine!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, February 6, 2012

The exercise that will

The Turkish Get Up is a great exercise.  If performed correctly it will build overall strength.  There is a key aspect of the exercise that will make or break your Turkish Get Up.  It also may make or break your life.

In the video I briefly explain the steps of the exercise as well as how it can help you with your attitude and outlook. 

Drop a comment below and let me know if there are specific exercises that help you mentally.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Recently I was in a meeting with some colleagues.  We were discussing marketing and it came up that we need to market our fitness to people with "disposable income".  That upset me because this is the way most people think.  They look at health and fitness as something that isn't needed.  It is something they might spend extra income on.  Meanwhile they continue to get more unhealthy.

If your budget doesn't allow you to join a fitness program should you not pay the mortgage to join one? NO.  I'm talking about the excuse maker.  This is for those that spend that "disposable income" on other things like tvs, ipods, iphones, fast food, alcohol, cigarettes....etc...

People are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of their "disposable income" on things that ultimately will have them disposed of.  If you know people like this, the ones that are unhealthy, over weight, obese, and they say they can't afford to get fit and healthy but spend on these other things, please wake them up.  If they insist on sleeping and dreaming of living a long life then that is their loss.  They will be paying even more on medical bills then they would if they invest their "disposable income" in a good program of health including fitness and nutrition.

And if they're just going to join a gym and not use it that is just as bad.  Joining a gym and just hanging out by the water fountain is probably worse. 

If you do join a gym get with a trainer or a program that will support you.  Make friends and push each other.  Don't just join the $10 or $20 gym just to say you joined and never go.  Use your "disposable income" to get results.

Bottom line is that you are worth it.  Find the income and invest in you.  Or you will pay much more later. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Higher Standard

Still challenging you to step up to the challenge.  I have raised the bar.  You work hard but need to do a little more.  The Wednesday Weekly Warrior has a higher standard.  EARN IT!!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, January 23, 2012

No Matter What

No matter what the conditions are you should still go after it.  This is true in your training and in life.  It's not always going to be 70 degrees and sunny.  The road may not always be smooth.  You may not feel 100%.  That is the time to really step up and do the things that need to be done.

Our troops do this all the time.  Special forces train in unpleasant conditions because they know that when the time comes for action it won't be pleasant.  They condition themselves for bad conditions.  They get physically and mentally stronger.  They understand that getting comfortable being uncomfortable is a necessity for success.

What will you do to get conditioned with any condition?  What will you do out of your comfort zone to get stronger?

Will you just do whats comfortable and never grow?  Will you not take the chance and stay in your nice warm house of comfort?

Get out and get conditioned.  Rise up to the challenge and get stronger!

Friday, January 20, 2012

If this doesn't INSPIRE and MOTIVATE.........

When I get up in the morning I'm ready to attack my day.  I look at my schedule and prepare for my clients and other things that are on agenda.  If I have time I check facebook to see what people are up to. 

I often come across a lot of inspiring and motivating things.  Sometimes they are bad things, like fml, that motivate me to inspire others not to be negative.  Sometimes they are positive messages that pump me up even more to smack my day around.

Early this morning I saw the following video.  It was posted by my new friend Christopher Reed who is the owner of Empire Fitness in Toronto, Canada.  Check it out.  I couldn't at the time, but I wanted to go find the heaviest object I could and lift it over my head.  With good technique of course.  If you don't find the urge to swing a sedge hammer after watching this than you need to check your pulse.  You might be dead!

So now I'm ready to go but it was still a while before I could train so I used this motivation to push my clients harder.

So right before I trained I checked my YouTube.  I subscribe to a few different channels for fitness and motivation.  I was reminded of this next guy when I was reading Zach Even-Esh's blog one day.  I liked this guys energy and attitude so much I had to subscribe.  He is also my favorite WWF (that's what it was when I watched it) WWE wrestler of all time.  He definitely speaks how he feels.  He is PASSIONATE!  The message he was spitting out drives me every day.  I was ready to hit my session with aggression and I did!
What things inspire and motivate you?  Where do you draw for that extra thing that makes you say "let's go world!  I got this!" 
Drop a comment below.  I would love to find more places to draw upon. 
Thanks for reading and thanks for the new sources of inspiration and motivation. 

Setting New PRs

I haven't PRed in a while.  Yesterday I hit a new deadlift PR.  405lb 2 rep max.  It isn't as much as some people can do but it is a PR.  More importantly it is getting my closer to my goal of 450lb 1 rep max. 

This all didn't happen over night. I'm training to it.  I'm not just going at it adding weight.  I have a plan.  I have a program.

That is what you need to succeed.  This is true in lifting and in life.  Set your goals or PRs.  Program / plan a way to reach them. 

You will have struggles along the way.  You might have to adjust the plan.  You might be a little off in your planning.  Ultimately you will be a lot off without a plan or a program.

If you are not sure where to start look for people who have accomplished what you are trying to do.  Look for those people who consistently break PRs.  Study what the do.  Find out who they learned from.  Take that knowledge and mold your plan.  Learn the program.  Be flexible but don't give up. 

Go get your PR.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Out There!!!

Here is a little rant vid I shot after the Sunday Warrior Training.  The computer was acting up so I kicked it and it didn't get better. 

I decided to put this out separately. 

So I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and make the changes you want.

Be the change you want no matter how cold it gets!!!!!

BURN FAT AND GET STRONG with Runamuk Warrior Session

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

IT"S HERE!!!!!!!!

Once again it is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Triple W, the Wednesday Weekly Warrior.

As most of you know this goes to a person who trains with me and kicks ass. 

No quit!  They work hard and don't complain (much). 

This week the Triple W goes to a person who has been training with me for about 3 years.  She had a baby not so long ago and trained with me during her pregnancy.  She trained just about right up until the birth of her baby girl.

She took some time off but now she is kicking butt and taking names.  Each session I challenge her and she knocks them out.  She is a great Mom and she also has a really cool dog named Boots.

This week the Wednesday Weekly Warrior is Lisa!

Congrats and keep kicking ass!!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, January 9, 2012

What SUCKS.....

about your Monday?  Why do so many people hate Monday?  Is it because their jobs really suck?  Is it because they get treated like shit by their boss?  Is it because they get in trouble in school?  Is it because they don't do their homework or their homework is too hard?  Is it because they have an extremely hard job and don't make enough money doing it?  Is it because they have to do the dishes and clean the house and take care of the kids?  Is it because Monday reminds them they have to do the 4 letter word of work? 

Or Is it because they are terminally ill with cancer and Monday is hospice day?  Is it because Monday means chemo day?  Is it because Monday is the day your platoon gets sent into the middle of full combat? 

Hey, I will never say you can't complain.  It is your right as a human to complain.  I also believe it is your duty to do as much as possible to fix what you are complaining about.  The second group I refer to has more of a right to complain about their Monday but I bet the majority of them don't.  The fight their disease.  They fight for our FREEDOM.  They FIGHT to make a CHANGE!

When you think your Monday sucks it better really suck.  It better be so out of control it validates you saying it sucks.  Your pain on Monday better be worth every bit of energy it took to say it or post it. 

When you think it sucks think of people who fight everyday to survive.  Think about people like Terry Fox.  This man could have said his life sucked but instead he ran across Canada with 1 LEG!!  Check out his story here. 

Make Monday your best day.  Make Monday the day you look forward to all week.  Re program that "I hate Monday" into "I love Monday!"  Monday is the day to start making your week happen.  Monday is the day you start changing your world.  Because you are lucky to have MONDAY. 


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sayings for NEW FML

Thanks so much for being part of the movement to change FML to something positive.  You were all very creative.  I am glad to know there are people out there staying positive.  Keep moving forward and know that you control your life.  You make the decisions.  If you don't like the outcomes then make a new decision and change!  Don't say F My Life. 

I know the people that participated won't. 

Here are the FML sayings that I was sent.  Some might repeat.  Some are silly.  Some really drive home a point of optimism and getting stronger. 

free my leash
focus mastering life
feet, mud lusting
Farther Mileage Logged
Found My Love
Flex Muscles Lifting
Few Motivate Lots
Former Mushy Loafer
Fanatic Maltese Lover (my wife had this one about our dog - Gus)
This one is a warning to all men.  Don't "Fart Making Love".
Forever more lessons
Find more love
For my love
Forgot my lunch
Forever mastering life
Fun making love
For Mom's love
Five minutes left
Forgive my lust
Found my love
Four minutes longer
Foul mouth language
Fat mans Lincoln   (LOL)
Fat momma's legs  (LOL)
Fulfill My Life
Fulfill My Legacy
For My Life
Flip My Life
Finish My Life
Free My Life
Fulfil My Life
Fulfil Master Life
Forever Maintain Loyalty
Forever Making Laughter
Forgive My Laziness
Focus (on) More Learning
Finish My Lager
Finished Many Lunges…haha
Fruits (of) My Labor
Feel Motivated Living
Feel Most Lucky
Facing My Limitations
Facing my Limits
Facing Mental Limitations
Free my Life
Fitness makes longevity
Flexability- Motivation- Longevity
Further motivate life
Finding more laughter
Fortitude Makes Legends
Forged my links
Forget my losses
Forever  motivate life
Face more levels
Far more life
Focus more love
Fear more lessons
Far more land
Focus more life
Fostering Motivated Lifestyles
For my life
Fuel My Liver
Forget My Limitations
Far More Learning
Far More Living
Free My Life
Fitness Motivates Life
For More Life                                                                                                                                                                     
Future Motivators Lives

was the best social media event I have been able to be a part of so far. More stuff coming. Thanks again and enjoy life. Or as someone put it:

Fully Maximize Life

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

BTW the winners are named on the PPRJ fan page.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Triple W 1/4/12

Wednesday Weekly Warrior. This goes to someone who trains hard every time out.  They push themselves to go to the next level.  They focus on what needs to be done and do it. 

They also are awesome at being human beings.  They work hard out of the gym with their lives.  They take care of their families and others.  They inspire and motivate others to do better than they think they can.

This week the Triple W goes to a well deserving woman.  She has a strong family.  They train together and support each other. 

She and her husband have 2 great daughters who are lucky to have them as parents.  She also is a talented hair stylist if anyone needs their hair done.

Congrats to Jenny from the Block aka Jenny Jenny aka 867-5309!

You are this weeks Wednesday Weekly Warrior!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

The New FML Contest

After I posted my disgust for the use of FML on facebook it got about 50 likes.  This might not be much for some but it was my highest like total ever.

I decided since most of you agreewith my statement,  I would have a little contest.  I want to see how many sayings you can come up with for FML.  KEEP IT POSITIVE!!!!!

I said Fixed or Fixing My Life.  My client said Follow My Lead. (Awesome Brian Z.)

So here it is .  Come up with as my as you can.  Email them to me. 1 EMAIL ONLY!!!  I do not have time to go through a tons of emails from everyone.  Think hard.  Write them down and send 1 final email!!!!
Video messages are welcome and will get extra attention. 

First place will get a PPRJ TLAW Tshirt and 3 personalized video workouts as explained in the video.

Second place will get a PPRJ TLAW Tshirt.

Contest deadline Friday 1/6/12 11:59pm.

Please be as creative as possible and as POSITIVE as possible.

Winners will be announced Sunday night on the Push Pull Run Jump Fan Page.

Please go there and click the like button.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Join the New FML Movement!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New FML

I'm tired of seeing posts on Facebook and other media outlets saying FML.  I believe people mean Fuck My Life when they write it.  If you have time and access to a computer, or smart phone, to write this how Fucked really is your life?  Are you on the streets?  Are you starving?  Are you not loved by family?  Where you eaten by bears and only have fingers that can type FML?

My point is, YES Shit happens!  Some Shit is worse than others.  Things happen to me that are bad.  Should I shout out Fuck My Life?  Should I tell the universe "You Win! I quit!  You really Fucked me?".

Or do I take control and say Fixed My Life!!! 

I'm taking control.  I have the ability.  I have the tools.  I have the drive.  If you don't then find them!!!! 

When life breaks down I will FIX it. 

Don't put that defeatist attitude into the world.  Take it on. 

Yes you can vent.  Yes it's ok to have a bad day.  But it's not ok to wallow in it.  It's not ok to whine and not do anything to FIX it. 

Take your little moment then find a way to FIX what the problem is.  Some things you can't FIX totally but you can find a way to move on without saying Fuck My Life.


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll