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Friday, January 20, 2012

If this doesn't INSPIRE and MOTIVATE.........

When I get up in the morning I'm ready to attack my day.  I look at my schedule and prepare for my clients and other things that are on agenda.  If I have time I check facebook to see what people are up to. 

I often come across a lot of inspiring and motivating things.  Sometimes they are bad things, like fml, that motivate me to inspire others not to be negative.  Sometimes they are positive messages that pump me up even more to smack my day around.

Early this morning I saw the following video.  It was posted by my new friend Christopher Reed who is the owner of Empire Fitness in Toronto, Canada.  Check it out.  I couldn't at the time, but I wanted to go find the heaviest object I could and lift it over my head.  With good technique of course.  If you don't find the urge to swing a sedge hammer after watching this than you need to check your pulse.  You might be dead!

So now I'm ready to go but it was still a while before I could train so I used this motivation to push my clients harder.

So right before I trained I checked my YouTube.  I subscribe to a few different channels for fitness and motivation.  I was reminded of this next guy when I was reading Zach Even-Esh's blog one day.  I liked this guys energy and attitude so much I had to subscribe.  He is also my favorite WWF (that's what it was when I watched it) WWE wrestler of all time.  He definitely speaks how he feels.  He is PASSIONATE!  The message he was spitting out drives me every day.  I was ready to hit my session with aggression and I did!
What things inspire and motivate you?  Where do you draw for that extra thing that makes you say "let's go world!  I got this!" 
Drop a comment below.  I would love to find more places to draw upon. 
Thanks for reading and thanks for the new sources of inspiration and motivation. 

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