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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The New FML

I'm tired of seeing posts on Facebook and other media outlets saying FML.  I believe people mean Fuck My Life when they write it.  If you have time and access to a computer, or smart phone, to write this how Fucked really is your life?  Are you on the streets?  Are you starving?  Are you not loved by family?  Where you eaten by bears and only have fingers that can type FML?

My point is, YES Shit happens!  Some Shit is worse than others.  Things happen to me that are bad.  Should I shout out Fuck My Life?  Should I tell the universe "You Win! I quit!  You really Fucked me?".

Or do I take control and say Fixed My Life!!! 

I'm taking control.  I have the ability.  I have the tools.  I have the drive.  If you don't then find them!!!! 

When life breaks down I will FIX it. 

Don't put that defeatist attitude into the world.  Take it on. 

Yes you can vent.  Yes it's ok to have a bad day.  But it's not ok to wallow in it.  It's not ok to whine and not do anything to FIX it. 

Take your little moment then find a way to FIX what the problem is.  Some things you can't FIX totally but you can find a way to move on without saying Fuck My Life.


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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