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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sayings for NEW FML

Thanks so much for being part of the movement to change FML to something positive.  You were all very creative.  I am glad to know there are people out there staying positive.  Keep moving forward and know that you control your life.  You make the decisions.  If you don't like the outcomes then make a new decision and change!  Don't say F My Life. 

I know the people that participated won't. 

Here are the FML sayings that I was sent.  Some might repeat.  Some are silly.  Some really drive home a point of optimism and getting stronger. 

free my leash
focus mastering life
feet, mud lusting
Farther Mileage Logged
Found My Love
Flex Muscles Lifting
Few Motivate Lots
Former Mushy Loafer
Fanatic Maltese Lover (my wife had this one about our dog - Gus)
This one is a warning to all men.  Don't "Fart Making Love".
Forever more lessons
Find more love
For my love
Forgot my lunch
Forever mastering life
Fun making love
For Mom's love
Five minutes left
Forgive my lust
Found my love
Four minutes longer
Foul mouth language
Fat mans Lincoln   (LOL)
Fat momma's legs  (LOL)
Fulfill My Life
Fulfill My Legacy
For My Life
Flip My Life
Finish My Life
Free My Life
Fulfil My Life
Fulfil Master Life
Forever Maintain Loyalty
Forever Making Laughter
Forgive My Laziness
Focus (on) More Learning
Finish My Lager
Finished Many Lunges…haha
Fruits (of) My Labor
Feel Motivated Living
Feel Most Lucky
Facing My Limitations
Facing my Limits
Facing Mental Limitations
Free my Life
Fitness makes longevity
Flexability- Motivation- Longevity
Further motivate life
Finding more laughter
Fortitude Makes Legends
Forged my links
Forget my losses
Forever  motivate life
Face more levels
Far more life
Focus more love
Fear more lessons
Far more land
Focus more life
Fostering Motivated Lifestyles
For my life
Fuel My Liver
Forget My Limitations
Far More Learning
Far More Living
Free My Life
Fitness Motivates Life
For More Life                                                                                                                                                                     
Future Motivators Lives

was the best social media event I have been able to be a part of so far. More stuff coming. Thanks again and enjoy life. Or as someone put it:

Fully Maximize Life

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

BTW the winners are named on the PPRJ fan page.

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