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Monday, January 9, 2012

What SUCKS.....

about your Monday?  Why do so many people hate Monday?  Is it because their jobs really suck?  Is it because they get treated like shit by their boss?  Is it because they get in trouble in school?  Is it because they don't do their homework or their homework is too hard?  Is it because they have an extremely hard job and don't make enough money doing it?  Is it because they have to do the dishes and clean the house and take care of the kids?  Is it because Monday reminds them they have to do the 4 letter word of work? 

Or Is it because they are terminally ill with cancer and Monday is hospice day?  Is it because Monday means chemo day?  Is it because Monday is the day your platoon gets sent into the middle of full combat? 

Hey, I will never say you can't complain.  It is your right as a human to complain.  I also believe it is your duty to do as much as possible to fix what you are complaining about.  The second group I refer to has more of a right to complain about their Monday but I bet the majority of them don't.  The fight their disease.  They fight for our FREEDOM.  They FIGHT to make a CHANGE!

When you think your Monday sucks it better really suck.  It better be so out of control it validates you saying it sucks.  Your pain on Monday better be worth every bit of energy it took to say it or post it. 

When you think it sucks think of people who fight everyday to survive.  Think about people like Terry Fox.  This man could have said his life sucked but instead he ran across Canada with 1 LEG!!  Check out his story here. 

Make Monday your best day.  Make Monday the day you look forward to all week.  Re program that "I hate Monday" into "I love Monday!"  Monday is the day to start making your week happen.  Monday is the day you start changing your world.  Because you are lucky to have MONDAY. 


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll 

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