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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Recently I was in a meeting with some colleagues.  We were discussing marketing and it came up that we need to market our fitness to people with "disposable income".  That upset me because this is the way most people think.  They look at health and fitness as something that isn't needed.  It is something they might spend extra income on.  Meanwhile they continue to get more unhealthy.

If your budget doesn't allow you to join a fitness program should you not pay the mortgage to join one? NO.  I'm talking about the excuse maker.  This is for those that spend that "disposable income" on other things like tvs, ipods, iphones, fast food, alcohol, cigarettes....etc...

People are willing to spend hundreds and thousands of their "disposable income" on things that ultimately will have them disposed of.  If you know people like this, the ones that are unhealthy, over weight, obese, and they say they can't afford to get fit and healthy but spend on these other things, please wake them up.  If they insist on sleeping and dreaming of living a long life then that is their loss.  They will be paying even more on medical bills then they would if they invest their "disposable income" in a good program of health including fitness and nutrition.

And if they're just going to join a gym and not use it that is just as bad.  Joining a gym and just hanging out by the water fountain is probably worse. 

If you do join a gym get with a trainer or a program that will support you.  Make friends and push each other.  Don't just join the $10 or $20 gym just to say you joined and never go.  Use your "disposable income" to get results.

Bottom line is that you are worth it.  Find the income and invest in you.  Or you will pay much more later. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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