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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There needs to be a class in school to teach kids to think. I'm not talking about knowledge thinking. I'm talking about thinking for themselves and creating positives out of negatives. Where are those questions on the SAT??

I know that this stuff should probably be taught at home.  Kids should be supported by their parents and told they can be what they want.  The parent should be the number 1 fan who encourages them to be all they can.  The parent should show them how to get up when they fall.  The problem might be that no one taught the parent. 

Why can't there way to think for yourself class?  Why can't there be a class that isn't about math, science, or a foreign language?  There should be a class where they teach you about successful people and how they got there. There should be class that teaches you about people that may have come from nothing and turned it all around.  The class would inspire and motivate more kids to turn into successful adults. 

If kids are lucky enough they will have teachers that do that.  I know I had and still have teachers that inspire and motivate me.  In fact I wrote a post a few months back about it here.  Hopefully kids find that.  Unfortunately I don't think enough of them do.

Usually the kids that are in the arts classes, or sports, get some motivation and inspiration.  They might get to hear stories of artists that made it from nothing.  Or they have great coaches that will build them up.  But what about the kid that isn't in the arts program or involved with sports?  What about the kid that might be in the low level classes that might be looked upon as never amounting to anything?  That is the kid that needs the motivation and inspiration class.  Just because they might learn differently doesn't mean they can't be successful.  I know that.  You know that.  But they need to know that. 

And it is not always the kid that learns differently.  It could be the straight A student that doesn't have a direction to use all their book knowledge.  Sure they can get a high score on the SAT, but that doesn't always translate into knowing what to do with their life. 

I guess my point is that kids should start young with as much all around support as possible.  Mental training is just as important as book smarts.  When someone shows you the tool box they need to show you how to use it and enforce that you have the ability to use it.

Some people figure this stuff out.  Others will buy books and programs that show them this.  I just think that if it is shown to kids earlier it will allow them to get more excited about learning because they may see the practicality of the subjects.  They may understand more that hard work and determination can take you to your dreams. They will learn that just because they have trouble learning the way schools make them learn does not mean they won't be successful!!!

Things need to be seriously looked at and changed. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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