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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I know you probably think I'm crazy but vampires exist.  I'm not talking about the blood suckers fromTrue Blood.  I'm not talking about the stupid shiny ones from Twilight.  I'm not talking about the creepy ones from 40 Day of Night.
Im talking about the Vampires that suck all your positive energy out. They are Energy Vampires.  You know these kinds.  They come over to you at work.  They tell you how much their day sucks.  They like to do this when you're probably having a great day.  Chances are they will tell you how the boss hates them or how another co worker doesn't deserve their promotion or position.  They will probably even tell you that someone said something negetive about you.

Now they have accomplished fueling their crave to suck all your positive energy and leave you like them.  They hope that you will carry on this behavior and continue sucking all the positive energy out of the world.

A big problem occurs becuase this doesn't only happen in the work place.  This happens at schools, gyms, and worse, in your homes.  You might have a family member that has been bitten by an energy vampire.  What do you do now?

In all these scenarios you must identify the vampires.  In the work place and other social formats, avoiding theses creatures is the first line of defense.  You see them coming you run.  Avoid gestures loring them to you.  If you can't and do give the nice "hello" or even head nod "what's up", then try to not let the conversation go for long.  The longer it goes the more chance the FANGS will come out and you're done for.  If you feel the teeth sinking in start talking about all the joyous things in your life.  You know you have some so share them.  Tell them about how good you day has been and how much better it is getting. The vampire will be repelled as if you pulled out some garlic or a cross.  FANGS will retract and they will retreat to the next cubicle and prey on a weaker person.

If you have a famiy member that is an energy vampire the situation is a bit more difficult.  If they are not in your imediate family, and are like a cousin or an aunt you don't see often, it is easier to avoid.  You will probably just have holidays to deal with.  For those occassions see the above solution.

As for immediate family avoiding won't always work.  You probably live with and see them everyday.  You will have to do your best to stay positive with yourself.  Energy vampires can't convert to positive humans unless they want to.  Trying to make them positive only makes them stronger and look to feed on others.  What you can do is think positve, show them positive things that are in their lives without forcing it on them, and don't get sucked in.  If you get a vampire that is relentless and will stop at nothing to turn you than getting out might have to be an option. This is especially true when the energy vampire imposes it's will violently.  Hopefully this isn't the case.  If it is than that is not a vampire it is an asshole and you must remove yourself from that situation immediatly. 

Hopefully you do not know any of the energy vampires.  If you do please head my warnings. Stay away.  If need be take out your garlic and crosses.  If it gets really serious get out your UV rays or just stay in the sunshine!!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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