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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You Are A Leader

A client texted me this recently.  She said she saw it and thought of me.  Her action shows me that what I am saying is reaching people.  They are starting to see things maybe in a different way.  People are starting to believe in themselves.  What's even more important is that people are becoming leaders.

I try to do my best everyday to lead from the front.  What I write to you in email, facebook, or on this blog I am trying to live.  I see examples now all the time of how you all are leading as well.  You may not even see it.  Just by receiving that message in a text shows me that she is a leader.  She saw it and shared it. Maybe she only shared it with me but she probably somehow knew I would spread the post.

I train a lot of people who are leaders.  Many of them are parents.  They not only lead their kids, they lead other kids as well.  They start making good choices to change their lives and it is seen by the younger generation.  They exhibit confidence in knowing it is never too late to go after what you want.  When young kids learn this the better off they will be later in life.  They can then begin to lead.

There is another kind of leader emerging in my classes.  I like to call them the team leader.  What I love is that it is never the same person.  It is cool how one person may be struggling with the session and another will help by giving them some words of confidence.  That same person may struggle the next time then be helped by someone else. 
Team Leadership.

Each and every person has been a leader in one way or another.  There are some will take the lead and it will be apparent.  Others will lead by example with there choices and keeping their integrity.  You might not even realize but at some point today you will be a leader. 

Get Strong.
Stay Strong. Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is probably because you are making it difficult. It is probably because you are doing too much. It is probably because you are doing too many things.  It is probably because you are impatient. 

Have you tried a fitness program or a diet program only to see yourself fail?  Then you try the next one only to see yourself fail again?


Did you really give it time to work?  Did you have the patience to see it through? 

Maybe things got too busy in your life to go to the gym.  Maybe your dvd got scrathed and you couldn't do level 2.  Maybe you were almost done that dvd program and then you saw the next big dvd program and went crazy for that one.   

Let's talk about all the diets you have been on.  Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarien, All Fat, No Fat, Beans n Franks, ICE CREAM!!!  Some have worked and some didn't. Whats next?

I see so many people making things so complicated.  It even applies to the busniness world.  Do I use twitter or facebook or myspace (does this still exist) or linkedin or youtube or (enter media marketing site here)_______?

The thing is we have so many choices out there.  I can see how things can get complicated.  People try so many things but they tend not to stick with one.  It is probably because some search for the quick fix.

Don't get me wrong, it is great to have things to choose from.  If we only had one choice it would be boring and only a few people would have a chance to be successful.  With all the choices out there I try to remember the KISS method. 


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Just keep it simple.  After all, being successful at anything is a simple equation but it is not easy.  Find a simple method and stick with it.  If you desire to get results enough, and you are passionate about it, you will stick it out.  If the simple method isn't working after you have fully assesed the situation then try a different method.

There are many systems out there that will help you to get your results.  For example, you can find many methods to increase your strength in the gym.  If you pick one for a few days then go to another then another and you're not getting results it is becuase you haven't let the method and program have enough time to work.  Most of these methods are simple.  Don't complicate them by changing it up in the middle. 

Here it is ladies and gentlemen:
1) Keep It Simple.
2) Stay patient and see it through.
3) Fully evaluate results.
4) Change your program or make adjustments as needed.
5) If you need to change KISS it again.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll 

Friday, March 16, 2012


What are you training for?

Is it weight loss?

Is it fat loss?

Is it to get bigger, faster, stronger?

Do you have a specific goal or is it just to get in shape?

Do you know what in shape is?

Do you see yourself getting there?

Are you getting results?

Do you have a vision of how you will feel and look when you get there?

Have you thought about these things?

Do you have a plan?

This is why most people fail.  They join a gym and say "I want to lose weight and get tone", but they don't have a plan.  Or they say "I have a plan but I just need you to show me the machines".  This indicates to me that they think they have a plan but need a lot more direction.

In order to succeed in getting fit you need specific goals.  Saying you want to lose weight and tone doesn't really have much meaning.  If you say you want to lose 40lbs and have a body fat that is 18% now you have a target. Now you have something that is measurable. 

Setting these numbers now gives you something to shoot for.  While it is important to have a specific weight loss target, if that is your goal, it is just as if not more important to set a physical goal.  What I mean by this is enter an event.  It can be a 5k, a 1/2 marathon, a bike tour, or a mud run.  These goals are something that will give you immediate feed back.  You will know how well you did with a finishing time and how you feel after.

When you have done one event you should not stop there.  Now you must use your results and train to get better.  While you are training for your event you will see that the weight loss and other goals will start to come along.

Training only won't get you there.  Here is the big thing that is usually left out of the plan by many people.  NUTRITION!!!!  You must properly fuel your body in order for any training program to work.  Eating the right foods at the right time will make all the difference in your results. 
So make sure you set both body changing goals and physically challenging goals.  Plan out properly the way to achieve them.  If you don't know how or where to start, find a fitness professional that can put together a program that will work for you. 

If you have questions about training please email me.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I have a simple equation that will lead to success.  There are a few different theories on success. I have read several books on the subject and what I have put together is simple but that doesn't mean it is easy.  Here is the equation.

Vision + Belief + Hard(SMART) work = SUCCESS

Again simple but not easy. So let's break it down.

You must see clearly your end goal.  No matter what you are trying to be successful at, if you can not see it clearly becoming reality, then your chances of achieving success diminish.  If you don't see yourself ever hitting the ball you will never hit the ball.

When you visualize your goal you need to believe it will happen. You have to believe it so strongly that you feel like you already accomplished your goal.  You have to believe so strongly that when people tell you that you can't accomplish your goal it will not deter you from continuing to get after it.  You have to believe so strongly that when you get rejected, fall off the horse, or fail at your attempts you get up and keep moving forward.
Hard(SMART) Work:
This is Hard(SMART)work because you can work your a off, but if you are doing the wrong things 1,000,000 times it won't help you. Make sure what you are doing is the most efficient way to get you to your goal. Use a support system of people who are successful for help. You should work your ass off but don't waste time when it is not necessary.  Time is a commodity that you can never get back.  Learn from failures and allow people to help you adjust along the way. You might be a little off.
This is what it all adds up to. Once you have achieved your success keep doing the things that got you there and don't let it go.  Also here is the most important thing.  While you want to stay focused on the goal, you should find time to enjoy yourself.  Make time to enjoy your family.  Make time to live, laugh, and love.  This is why working smart is important as well.  Proper use of time will allow you to make time for life.  After all, it should be the driving force behind your success.
Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Do you spend your day at a desk?

Do you ever really get a chance to stand up for over your 6-8 hours of work?

Are you always sitting at your computer?

If you answered yes then why would you go to the gym and sit down on this?
Or this?
Or even this?
If you are seated all day then you definitely should not go to the gym and sit on a machine.  Chances are after you leave the gym and go home you will sit on your couch and then go to bed. You would be much better off if you trained standing up. 
I know your typical globo gym will be loaded with all of this fancy equipment.  I know that it will be the first thing they show you when you walk in the door.  I know that they will set you up with someone to show you how it works. 
From there you will might be satisfied with using the equipment they showed you and soon you will get little to no results.

Why is this?
This is because you have been sitting for the majority of your day and now you are sitting again.  Stand up! 

Try this.
Or this.
                                                                              Or this.
My point is don't train by doing exercises that will put you in a position your were in all day.  I understand that you may have a injury that limits your movement and that's why you are on the machine but even in those cases you may be better suited standing up if you can.  If your goal is to lose weight and get stronger so you can live a longer and healthier life then you must stand.  Standing during exercise will recruit more muscles and will use more calories to get your work done. This will lead to more fat loss and lean muscle gain.

Don't rely on the machine for help.  Be the machine.  You pick up the weight.  You do he work. You get the results.


Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

Monday, March 5, 2012

33 Years and counting!!

Today is the celebration of a complete 33 years of life.  I now start my 34th year and I am more excited than ever.  I have a direction and a purpose.  I have a mission.  All of you who read my blog or train with me or come in general contact with me are part of my mission. You are part of my life.  All of you who I have ever met and those who I have not met are part of my mission.  That gets me pumped! 

What is my mission?  My mission is to help people to want, no DESIRE, to be the strongest people they can be.  Some people say they want to help people be the strongest they can be.  That is not my mission.  Again, MY MISSION IS TO HELP PEOPLE TO DESIRE TO BE THE STRONGEST PEOPLE THEY CAN BE. 

If you try to make someone do something chances are they won't do it.  If you have someone that DESIRES to do something they are more likely to find a way to get it done.  I'm sure at one point or another you have tried to get someone to do something to no avail because they didn't want to do the task.  This is the difference in my mission.

I can't make people stronger.  I can't make them lose weight.  I can't make them exercise.  I can't make them better people.

The only thing I can do is show them that they have all they need to do so.  It all comes down to them making a choice.  They might not know the ways to make themselves stronger.  This I am able to show them.  I can provide the path.  I can lay out the plan.  It is their choice to go these ways if the so DESIRE. 

I don't want you to become the strongest people you can be physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I want you to DESIRE to be the strongest you can be in all of these areas and more for yourself.  Once you have the DESIRE I will help you find the way if you want help. 

This is what I DESIRE for myself.  (By the way, I am capitalizing DESIRE because I believe it is a much stronger word than want.)  I DESIRE to be the strongest all around person I can be.  This is in all aspects of my life.  Will I or any of us ever get there?  I can't answer.  That is the fun part.  That is the journey.  That is life.

In my 34th year I will continue the pursuit of, lets call it, Ultimate Strength!  Every day, every minute, every second is an opportunity to get better and stronger.  Will I have failures?  I hope so because failures are huge opportunities to learn.  Learning is a chance to get stronger. 

I welcome 33!  This journey has only begun.

Thanks for coming along!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll