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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It is probably because you are making it difficult. It is probably because you are doing too much. It is probably because you are doing too many things.  It is probably because you are impatient. 

Have you tried a fitness program or a diet program only to see yourself fail?  Then you try the next one only to see yourself fail again?


Did you really give it time to work?  Did you have the patience to see it through? 

Maybe things got too busy in your life to go to the gym.  Maybe your dvd got scrathed and you couldn't do level 2.  Maybe you were almost done that dvd program and then you saw the next big dvd program and went crazy for that one.   

Let's talk about all the diets you have been on.  Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, Vegan, Vegetarien, All Fat, No Fat, Beans n Franks, ICE CREAM!!!  Some have worked and some didn't. Whats next?

I see so many people making things so complicated.  It even applies to the busniness world.  Do I use twitter or facebook or myspace (does this still exist) or linkedin or youtube or (enter media marketing site here)_______?

The thing is we have so many choices out there.  I can see how things can get complicated.  People try so many things but they tend not to stick with one.  It is probably because some search for the quick fix.

Don't get me wrong, it is great to have things to choose from.  If we only had one choice it would be boring and only a few people would have a chance to be successful.  With all the choices out there I try to remember the KISS method. 


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Just keep it simple.  After all, being successful at anything is a simple equation but it is not easy.  Find a simple method and stick with it.  If you desire to get results enough, and you are passionate about it, you will stick it out.  If the simple method isn't working after you have fully assesed the situation then try a different method.

There are many systems out there that will help you to get your results.  For example, you can find many methods to increase your strength in the gym.  If you pick one for a few days then go to another then another and you're not getting results it is becuase you haven't let the method and program have enough time to work.  Most of these methods are simple.  Don't complicate them by changing it up in the middle. 

Here it is ladies and gentlemen:
1) Keep It Simple.
2) Stay patient and see it through.
3) Fully evaluate results.
4) Change your program or make adjustments as needed.
5) If you need to change KISS it again.

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll 

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