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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I know Mother's Day isn't until Sunday but I wanted to make sure this blog got out there for as many people to read. 

I first want to wish all the Moms out there a Happy Mother's Day.  You all do so much for your families and it is very much appreciated.  I know it is very hard to do all the things you do.  There is a lot of stress that comes with being a parent and as I have seen it never ends no matter how old your children get.

I know my wife is an awesome Mom.  Our daughter is a great kid and will be an awesome Mom (a very very very long time from now) because of her.

Moms can't do all the work on their own.  Us Dads, me, need to recognize when they need more help.  Also Dads, ME, are not very swift on the pick up because we, ME, are trying to pull things together out of the house to make things better.  It wouldn't hurt if we are asked for help.

I vow to do better and recognize when more help is needed.  A Warrior is nothing without his Warrior Princess.


I would now like to take this time to say Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom ever.  My Mom passed away from Ovarian Cancer 8 years ago.  I miss her everyday.  It has hit me harder than ever this past couple of weeks.  I don't know why. When she first past I was upset but saw her suffer and new she was in a better place. I cried only a few times. The worst was at the funeral when they took the casket out of the church. I guess that was reality.

This past week has been extra tough.  I keep remembering back to the morning I came home from a gig in Boston and her and my Dad (best Dad ever) told me she was terminal. My Mom apologized to me for dieing.  She said "I'm sorry". 

This has stuck with me.  It wasn't her fault.  She didn't do anything to get ovarian cancer.  Shit fucking happens.  And she said sorry.

HEY MOM IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!  You were an AWESOME MOM.  I wouldn't exchange you for anyone.  If I had a choice to have a Mom that was still alive and have you for the time I did I'd choose you.  You taught me so much.  Please know that.

We all miss you every day.  Thanks for being my Mom! 

Some of you knew her but many of you didn't.  The following is a video I put together to remember her.  You'll see some pictures of me and my family over the years.  The song I chose is by my band Bonehead.  It is called Real.  Our singer/ songwriter Jayy Mannon I'm sure didn't intend for this song to be used for this but I feel the chorus fits.  It  goes "Hurts me love to let you go.  All these feeling overflow.  Words can't say how I feel.  The love inside of me is real." 

Please watch.

Happy Mother's Day!

Get Strong.
Stay Strong.
Finish Strong.
Rock n Roll

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