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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let It Go!

Hope you are all moving forward.

I hope you are all enjoying life.

I hope you are all not letting stupid people and the stupid things they do get in your way of happiness.

I was bothered the other day by something a good friend of mine posted on facebook.

Here is what he posted.  "I was in a really good mood.... Then I went out... WTF is wrong with people today? Everyone is a douchebag out there.. It's hard to stay positive,,
F**k it, I hate you all."

Maybe I should stop using facebook so I don't see this, but then again where would I be inspired to write?

Look, I don't know the story.  I don't know what happened on this day. 

I do know that this person is better than this.  I know people are D bags but why should that ruin your day? 

Did those people harm your family?

Did they take your kids?

Did they kick your dog?

Look, we all have bad days but put it in perspective. 

If this was the worst day of your life then you are having a pretty damn good life. 

I can think of many days I have had worse. 

It can always be worse.

When these things happen ask yourself "Am I still breathing? Are my loved ones still breathing?  Will my family and I be able to have a meal today?  Will I be sleeping inside a house or inside a box tonight?  Will I get a good workout in this week?" (that one is for me)

Bottom line is keep your head up.  Don't let other people, that are meaningless to you in the long run, ruin your life!  Time is too short to worry about those things.

As Zac Brown says "Keep your heart above your head an you eyes wide open. So this world can't find a way to leave you cold.  You're not the only ship out on the ocean.  Save your strength for things that you can change.  Forget the ones you can't. YOU GOTTA LET IT GO!"